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New Leaf Family Services


“From the moment I was introduced to New Leaf supervised contact became a positive experience. We visited parks and did the things we enjoyed as a family such a bowling, football and cricket. Although the contact supervisor was there all the time we didn’t feel like we were being watched and this put my children at ease. New Leaf helps you all the way and I would recommend them to anyone in the same boat as me.”

Father Of Four, Leicester


“Leena works tirelessly to ensure no obstacle is too difficult to overcome and to facilitate regular, meaningful contact for the children of separated parents as a stepping stone towards unsupervised contact.”

DFLP Solicitors, Birmingham


“We have worked with New Leaf Family Services in relation to their contact provison. Their service is efficient and responsive to our needs. The staff are always punctual and engage well with parents and our children in a child-centred manner and reports are provided in timeframe. I would highly recommend them.”

Service Manager for Contact & Specialist Assessment Services,
Birmingham City Council


"Like all good things this had to come to an end. However words fail me as i can't thank you enough. With the hard work you put in for us. Thanks doesn't seem enough but we duly appreciate all the effort and dedication though it wasn't an easy road. So with these few words we thank you al. Keep it all for all to come. Much obliged."

Parent Father Midlands Area


"i had not come across the services of New Leaf until relatively recently. My client had not had contact with his child for a couple of years and was facing a contact centre. There were no places available and he could have faced a long waiting list. New Leaf however picked up the case and without further ado put in place arrangements. They have effectively managed a difficult relationship between the parties. They have produced clear and comprehensive reports after each contact in a timely and professional manner. As a consequence of New Leaf's involvement within a short timescale my client went from no contact to supported contact to overnight contact."

Emma Mitchell, Partner, Emery Johnson Solicitors


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