Opening Hours:Monday To Friday: 9am-6pm

New Leaf Family Services

• Supervised contact
• Available 7 days a week
• Initial assessment
• Risk assessment
• Introduction sessions if required to get to know the children
• Court attendance
• Enhanced court reports
• Sign-posting parents to local services
• Recommendations for family-focused activities and aftercare support


A tailored-made independent service

We understand no two families are the same so we have developed tailor-made programs of supervision based on the needs of the children to ensure they reach positive outcomes.


Comprehensive reports

We provide comprehensive detailed reports which include recommendations, positives and ways to move forward with supervised contact.


A true assessment

Our service is based in the community allowing families to meet in a neutral environment where the focus is on a child-led activity allowing the observation to be a true factual assessment.


Sign-posting to services

Alongside supervision, we offer sign-posting services based on the observations made during contact sessions.